Blue Unlimited Plan

(13 customer reviews)

For areas with AT&T Coverage (Allow 3-7 days processing)

  • Truly unlimited with no data caps
  • LTE Router and SIM bundled (Equipment purchase is required)

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The Blue Unlimited plan is one of our featured plans with unlimited data and no data caps. If you have AT&T coverage in your area then this is the plan for you.

No setup required, just power on your new router and enjoy your blazing fast connection to the internet.

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Weight 2 lbs

13 reviews for Blue Unlimited Plan

  1. Ben

    This was the perfect solution for my situation. I live out in the country and I had no real options for decent internet. That is until now. This setup on the Unlimited Blue Coverage Plan has allowed me to work from home, stream movies on multiple devices and browse the internet with no data caps. Customer service has been top notch. Any questions I had were were sent by email and answered within the hour.

  2. Justin Resler

    This has been great! We live in the middle of the country and have no internet options, but fortunately have very good AT&T cell reception. I am a teacher who has had to teach remote much of 2020, while also having 2 kids who have needed to complete remote learning from home. On top of that, we love our video streaming and online gaming. Since satellite tv is ridiculously priced after discounts run out, we decided to cut the cord. I actually ordered 2 of these plans, so we could have a router upstairs and downstairs so we don’t experience slow down during gaming or streaming. I pay $160 per month and it’s well worth it! My satellite tv alone was costing $165 per month and only going to go up, so they cancelled each other out by cancelling that. Internet speed is great. Don’t expect fiber speeds, but we reach 30mbps and up very frequently. We have had no issues with multiple people gaming and streaming at the same time. I highly recommend this to anyone lacking internet options, but has a good cell reception at their house.

  3. JW

    I’ve had there Blue service for almost a year. For an area that has no internet service, this is a great option. Their Customer Service was awesome helping resolve any issues that had. Great Download and Upload speeds with no caps.

  4. Wilbert

    I was searching for rural inexpensive internet service. We use to have satellite internet service but the speed was slow and the monthly rates were very expensive. And now my search is over because I found this company. The speed is very fast and I will highly recommend this 4g lte internet service to my friends.

  5. Dave

    So far very happy with Mobile data to go it arrived very fast and was very easy to set up, It was the only internet I could get in the area I’m in as we live in an RV park and are not always known for good internet. I also work from the RV and the speeds are good enough to video chat, make calls and accomplish everything I need to for work.
    I also have been watching a lot of Netflix on it which will stream in 4k most of the time. as it does sometimes depend on the time of the day for where I’m at but for the most part, Netflix looks really good.
    Customer services have been really good too I normally like chats better than calling in and for the most part, they are very fast at responding and have always answered my questions.
    Also, this was the cheapest option compared to others

  6. Ken KUBIC

    Best customer service. I have been a customer for over a year and will continue to be.

  7. Jonathan Llibre

    Good reliable service. Always one message away from helping if ever any issues. I’ve had it for over a year now and I don’t regret it one bit. Thank you!

  8. Aaron A. Lewis

    Equipment was received quickly, great customer service and streaming is better than expected. Living in the country my internet options are very limited. Highly recommend them!

  9. Jeff Segroves

    I have been using MobileData2Go since March 2021. This type of service is my only option other than DSL or satellite internet due to being out in the country. While there have been a couple of “technology hiccups” MobileData2Go has been very responsive and immediately addressed the problem. I have used a different service provider in the past. That provider did not come close to the level of service provided by MobileData2Go. Now I am upgrading to 5G service for even faster speeds. I highly recommend MobileData2Go for rural internet. Very reasonably priced, great internet speed and excellent service. Two thumbs up.

  10. Renee Green

    MobileData2Go has excellent customer service. Responses quickly and was very helpful troubleshooting any problem we had. Thanks so much!

  11. John Manfred

    We used MobileData2Go for several years while traveling in our RV all over the USA while running our online business, exceptional customer and technical support. Would highly recommend! Five thumbs up!!!!!

  12. Lucas

    The customer support is excellent internet works good as well

  13. Jason ValladScholl

    I have had mobiledata2go for a couple years now and is perfect for my area. The customer service is top notch. They will walk you through any problems you have and if something goes wrong with your router, they send a new one that you’ll receive within 2 days. I absolutely love this company

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