Gray Limited 25GB Monthly Service Only

$0.10 / month

For areas with AT&T Coverage

  • Data capped at 25GB for on the go travelers
  • Remote activation of AT&T compatible SIM card (See description for recommended SIM cards)
  • Use your own equipment

Activation’s may take from 1 to 24 hours.

Please provide your ICCID number on the SIM card. The number begins with 8901.

The location of the IMEI may vary by model. Some devices have the IMEI near or in the battery compartment. It also could be on a sticker on the underside of the device or on the outside of the original packaging near the UPC label.

Plans are data capped at 25GB due to AT&T’s updated service plans.

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Here are the recommended SIM cards that we have tested and is known to work with this plan. Contact us to verify any other SIM card you may have.

1 review for Gray Limited 25GB Monthly Service Only

  1. Jaime Garza

    We just got dropped by Netbuddy. Which they never told us anything. So glad to find this isp. They are fabulous right from the get go. I didn’t have to wait for a special time or day to connect.

    In fact, when I did my order I didn’t realize I would need a new sim. Within, 5 minutes not only did I have a welcome to in my in box, I also had a message from Chris kindly telling me my sim won’t work cause it was already used. I replied to see if it was ok to just go buy one. He got right back with me and said yes. I then went out to Dallor General and grabbed one for $1. Came back and replied with my new number and within 10 minutes I had internet connection. Plus, he also sent a reply to ask if it was working well on my end.

    How wonderful. I would highly recommend them. Their customer service is great and the speeds are better because they don’t jump all around the board.

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